“It is the supreme art of the teacher to awaken joy in creative expression and knowledge”
–Albert Einstein

Presenting with students in UW-Madison’s Special Collections (Photo: Rick Marolt)

Current, Recent, & Upcoming Courses

  • Fall 2016:
    • Shakespeare & Media,” co-taught with Jonathan Senchyne (ENGL162)
    • “How to Kill a King: Reading, Writing, & History in Shakespeare” (ENGL431)
  • Fall 2015 to Spring 2016: On Research Leave
  • Spring 2015
    • Blood, Sex, & Shakespeare (large lecture) (ENGL 162). An introductory course. Large lecture format plus discussion sections.
    • Exploring Spenser’s Faerie Queene (ENGL 433). An upper-level, close-reading course. Small group discussion format.
  • Fall 2014
    • How To Kill a King: Reading, Writing, & History Making in Shakespeare (ENGL 431)
    • Dirty Books: Nature & Narrative (ENGL 236)

Online Research & Writing Resources for Students

Need some inspiration to spur invention? Check out the online resources I most often recommend to students. The page is a new work-in-progress, so suggestions are welcome.

The RNB Hive

The Research Notebook (RNB) assignment is a semester-long project designed to challenge and improve my students’ research and writing skills. The RNB Hive, designed in collaboration with Ethan Kay as part of a Hilldale Undergraduate Faculty/Research Fellowship, is an active/beta site for teaching reading & research as the starting points of effective writing (rhetoric).

The web site was designed to complement a course on Shakespeare’s History Plays, though the RNB project  is easily adapted to other courses (as discussed in a forthcoming essay in the Modern Language Association’s “Approaches to Teaching” Series).