“Every why hath a wherefore.”
–William Shakespeare, The Comedy of Errors

 Current Project

  • The Nature of the Page in Renaissance England: Ecology, Poetry, and Papermaking: My first book explores the rhetorical interplay of words and matter in media, particularly sixteenth- and seventeenth-century printed books and manuscripts on paper and parchment. Made of recycled clothes, slaughtered animals, and felled trees, media in Renaissance England are filled with visible traces of ecological matter. The project traces the natural history of Renaissance media objects while asking broader questions—questions that often go unasked in media scholarship—about ecology, poetics, and the “raw materials” that fund the history of book making. The period-focused research of this book offers just one example of the intriguing, poetic, and vital stories a natural history of media can reveal. The questions I ask of paper and parchment might be just as productively asked of millennia-old Eastern palm-leaf books or the newest iPhone.

Selected Publications

A 61122

Shakespeare’s Poems, published by John Benson in 1640 (Photo: Rick Marolt)